We love vectors! small file size and infinitely resizable! What’s not to like? Well they can take a long to time to draw well. Some companies just use automatic trace tools which can leave wobbly lines that also add time to your engraving. We hand draw, giving super sharp results.
So how does vectorising work for you? Maybe you have a very small old logo that has got very pixilated and doesn’t look good on screen or when printed? We can re-draw your logo for you so it is super sharp and crisp even when it is printed the size of a house! We can also provide the file in any format you need for pretty much any application. Just get in touch to see if we can help.

Old pixilated logo converted to sharp new vecor logo Customer's sketch converted to a vector logo
vector logo from bitmap vector from sketch
Bitmap logo converted to a vector line drawing for engraving Photo converted to vector for cutting in vinyl
vector line drawing photo converted to vector